Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Have a Reputation

I was working from home today and the doorbell rang.  I saw that one of my neighbors were standing on my front steps.  She came by to see if we wanted her 3 Holly bushes and her Magnolia Tree.  Her landscaper removed the 3 bushes from her yard because they weren't getting enough sun.  I guess we have a reputation around the neighborhood for being plant people and for rescuing plants, like we did with the Lilac and Climbing Rose Bush.  Gulp.  I hope plants don't start mysteriously showing up on our doorsteps.  She said that she didn't want these thrown out, so I said I would take them.  It was so nice of her to think of us and give us these plants.  I'm sure I can find somewhere in my yard to put them.  Maybe we can plant them at the end of the yard, where we installed a chain link fence.  I hate the idea of a live shrub or tree getting thrown out. 
Here's the other Holly shrub and the Magnolia tree.  The Magnolia isn't looking so hot, it has a lot of brown leaves, but if we prune it back, I think it will bounce back to life.


  1. What a great neighbor. I'd have taken the magnolia tree (brown leaves and all) in a heartbeat!

  2. Free is a very good price. So nice that they thought of you.

  3. Well, if your reputation is to be known throughout the neighborhood at least it is one of saving unwanted trees and shrubs.

    Good luck with these. I hope they survive and grow well for you.

  4. you're super duper lucky!!! yays for you. plus, if plants DO for some reason just start a 'appearing' they may be worth a go to plant, if not, The Farmer might take them off your hands, and such. I love it when people offer their cast-offs to others for use, it's a great way to save money and 'recycle', those trees make oxygen, double great! lol

  5. Free is good. If you can't use them, maybe you'll need to find someplace or someone else to share them with.

  6. oOH--I love magnolias--especially semi established means you will have flowers once you bring it back to life!
    Free plants are great--because if they do not live--there is no regret(or not as much!)

  7. It will def. bounce back! I rescue plants all the time. You're so lucky that people come to your doorstep with free plants - that rules! Embrace them! :)


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