Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready, Set... Bloom

I've been watching my Samba Amaryllis for days now, anxiously waiting for it to bloom. 4  days ago, nope not yet.
2 days ago, starting to open.  Close by not close enough.
Finally yesterday the first flower totally opened. W O W, isn't this just spectacular?  I really wish you could see this in person.  The flower is gigantic!  White Flower Farm bulbs really doesn't disappoint!  The quality of the bloom is fantastic.  I'm going to try to pollinate this flower so it can produce seeds.  Crossing my fingers!


  1. It is beautiful!!! I know you have been waiting for weeks for this thing to bloom. How exciting!!!

  2. Good luck with the pollination.

    A beautiful bloom.

  3. The flower is absolutely beautiful!! It was worth the wait!

  4. Beautiful! Didn't know they produced seeds, thought it was just bulbs.

  5. That's a really nice little bloom!

  6. I love watching amaryllis grow and bloom. Yours is gorgeous - love the red and white petals!

  7. So jealous! I still can't get mine to start growing, much less bloom - and I've got 5 of them! I must be doing something wrong.


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