Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Bulb Garden

Last November, I bought some bulbs on sale from an email promotion with Flower Power and Gardener's Supply Company.  I bought the bulbs for a steal, at 75% off.  I always love a good bargain!  The prices were so great that I bought 4 bags of bulbs.  Since I already planted a lot of daffodil bulbs in the front yard, I made a little area on the side of my yard to plant these sale bulbs.  The early bulbs have bloomed, daffodils and hyacinths.  Following those are tulips, then irises and lilies.  I realized that my little bulb garden looks a bit sad, I'll have to add a lot more bulbs next year.  How do you mark your bulbs, to know where to add more the following fall?
Here is a closeup of the hyacinths.  I had bought a multi-color variety pack, so it's great to see what colors actually bloomed.  It's such a cool surprise since I didn't know what colors I was getting in the bag.  They really weren't kidding when they said multi-colors!  Hahaha, I ended up getting all different colors.  Even though they are all different colors, and none "match", they are indeed pretty and the scent is amazing!  You can smell the fragrance wafting through the yard.  Just amazing.
My favorite bulb out of the entire lot that I ordered were these double petal daffodils.  Wow, aren't they spectacular?  I totally have to buy more of these for next year.  It's so much prettier than the single trumpet ones.  Don't you agree?


  1. The double daffs are gorgeous!!! WOWZERS...what a difference!!!

  2. You have a good start on your bulb garden and at 75% off, that was a steal. I love those doubles, my hubby just brought me a handful of all yellow doubles growing wild in the field out front of our house, just beautiful.

  3. Take photos when your bulbs are in bloom then you can see where you need to add more next fall... Wish I'd thought of that when mine were still on bloom!!

  4. I like the variety of bulbs you got. That is a pretty daffodil. I'm thinking I want to plant annuals in my new planting area where our tree used to be, and then plant a lot of bulbs in there in the fall. I put pots of plants over areas where bulbs were, and then need to remember to move them in the spring so the bulbs can grow again. I may mark the new ones with cut up mini blinds. I want to leave room in between clumps of bulbs for more annuals the next year.

  5. Lovely spring growth. We had some snow flurries today. Keep hoping Spring will really spring.

  6. That double daff is cool! I sometimes mark with the end of a plastic knife. They're the only things that have stayed in the ground year after year. Besides that, the only reliable way of marking my bulbs is through my master chart of stuff.

  7. That daffodil is amazing! Love your hyacinth colors too. Very cute :) I have to use my Home Depot coupon today to get buy 1 get 1 bulbs - super pumped.


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