Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I (Heart) Korean Food!

This weekend, we went out to dinner to celebrate my cousin's 40th birthday. She picked a Korean BBQ restaurant, in Koreatown called Kang Suh Korean Japanese Restaurant. They have a grill in the middle of the table where you grill your own food.  I sat right in front of the grill, and boy is it hot!  Sitting so close to a grill was like a sauna.  Hahaha!
We grilled marinated steak, which is beyond delicious.  I love Korean marinades, it's usually soy sauce, sugar, garlic, sesame oil, pepper, it's so flavorful.
We also grilled some fatty bacon. Oh yeah, this is the good stuff.
We ordered some Jap Chae, which is a cold noodle dish of vegetables and meat and cellophane noodles.  I make this dish at home too, it's one of my favorites.  The noodles are made from Sweet Potato Starch.
We also ordered some sushi rolls, spicy tuna and eel avocado.  When you go to Korean BBQ, they give you all these little dishes of appetizers.  Many of the Korean appetizers are pickled vegetables, kimchi, spicy cucumber, marinated tofu, shredded beef, and large lettuce leaves for you to make wraps with.  One of the things I want to learn how to make is kimchi.  I love it!  I drank a Sapporo beer with dinner. It goes great with all the spicy food.
This was my plate, with a slice of seafood pancakes. My favorite. Everything was absolutely delicious!   I could eat this every day!  Yum.


  1. I love Korean food too! I introduced my 3 girlfriends to lovely KoreanBBQ after the NYC marathon in 2008.

  2. I'd like to try that food. Unfortunately we don't have any thing like it around here.

  3. That looks SO awesomely yummy!

    I know our blog pals Teddy and Sierra - Eskies - LOVE when their family makes Korean BBQ - their mom is from Korea -

    I'm not sure there is anything in my York area ;-(

  4. this looks delicious. am i too uncool to be invited?

  5. omg - Korean food is my new favorite food. I posted about soft tofu on my new food blog. I dream about that stuff.


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