Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Dinner Party

This past weekend, my husband invited his former boss and his wife over for dinner. We love having dinner parties because we have an 8 foot long harvest table in our dining room. The hubs' dad built it as a wedding gift to us. It's my favorite piece of furniture and it's perfect for entertaining, plus I love to cook!  We put out a mini bar consisting of white and red wine, Gin, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, tonic water and sodas as mixers.   I stuck with red wine for the night.  I love a good merlot!   I even pulled out the crystal glasses to use!!  Check out my mini-phalaenopsis on the left.  Can you believe this is still blooming?  I bought this plant back in Feb. 18th.  So awesome, I'm so in love with this orchid!!
The hubs wanted us to make shrimp cocktail, so we bought 2 pounds of shrimp.  This is my first time making shrimp cocktail, usually my dad makes it.  I wasn't sure if I should peel the shrimp before boiling it.  I ended up not peeling it, boiling the shrimp, then peeled it afterwards.  I think it works better that way, because then the shrimp doesn't curl up too much.
I also made a spinach salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and blue cheese.  THIS is my new favorite salad.  I made a balsamic vinaigrette with modena balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little sugar for sweetness.  It is delicious over this salad.  I can't wait to grow our own spinach so I can make this salad with our produce.  I'm going to eat this all summer.  Hahaha
I made a whole lot of other appetizers and food, but I got too busy and forgot to photograph it. We made pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks, baked ham, macaroni and cheese, roasted asparagus and glazed spare ribs. It was quite a meal!


  1. Now THAT is my kind of party!

    As for your choice in reds: YES - can't pass up a good Merlot - you might want to try some Spanish reds too - Tempranillo's are awesome!

  2. A very lovely spread and a feast fit for a king for sure! I love that salad too!

  3. I love having dinner parties, too! I bet that table is gorgeous, can't tell quite how big it is, but I love big farmhouse tables! That's funny, I always make pigs in a blanket,too, then nobody has to hear the kids complain about all the "wierd" apps LOL

  4. We are still attempting to refinish our dining room. We are eating on TV trays in the living room at the moment haha. We still have to refinish the floors, knock out a closet, and put up drywall. Then painting! Then we'll go hunting for a table :)

  5. Harvest table....that sounds just like what I want.

    I hope you had more than just two people over, cause that was a lot of food. It looks and sounds wonderful.

    I forget to take pictures all the time. I just get busy living and only realize after that I forget the photos.

  6. I would love to eat that whole platter of shrimp...all by myself....right now!


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