Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Can't Resist a Sale

The hubs and I were at the supermarket the other day, and I saw that they were having an amazing sale on potted bulbs.  Usually supermarket bulbs look like such crap, but these were pretty nice looking.  In fact, they were beautiful.  There were 3 hyacinth bulbs in each pot, and they were on sale for 3 pots for $9.99.  I can't pass up a good bargain...ever.  Into the shopping cart they went, and came home with us.  The smell was so intoxicating, with these 3 pots together, how could I pass up such a good deal?  I just love the scent of hyacinths.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with 2 of the pots.  I decided to plant them outside in my front flower garden.  I had so many empty spaces that I wanted to fill, so I planted the hyacinths between the daffodils to try to fill in those spaces. 
I hope that the hyacinth bulbs will duplicate as easily as daffodils do.  I want the entire space to fill up with bulbs. 
The 3rd flower pot I gave away to my Aunt since she also loves hyacinths.  I hope she enjoys them as much as I do!  I'm sure she will.


  1. I love Spring bulbs flowers...I wish they stuck around longer!

  2. I'm sure she'll luv them.

    Good deal.

  3. I LOVE hyacinths! The majority of mine are finished flowering for the season, and I'm hoping that a few flowers got pollinated so I can experiment with seeds :)

  4. They look great on their new house!

  5. I didn't know one could plant blooming bulbs from the store like that. Are they still looking good?


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