Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our New Rain Barrel

We finally got around to installing gutters to our renovated garage this week.  We used a Home Depot gift card that we received as a belated wedding gift from our friends to finance our gutters.  Here's the hubs trying to drill it into place.  It took the two of us to install it, it was quite the balancing act as we were both on ladders!  He took the shorter ladder and I took the tall one because I'm over a foot shorter than him.  I hate ladders and so I held on for dear life.  I took this photo on solid ground.
I think it looks great!  One side down although, we still have to install the other side, but it will have to wait for another day!  One took us half the morning.  I love this photo, my two favorite things in the same picture, my favorite composter and my new favorite rain barrel.
Installing new gutters mean's our new rain barrel got installed too.  The chain link fence was in the way, so we couldn't have the rain barrel flushed against the garage.  Therefore, we had to extend the gutter pipes away from the garage.  It's a bit goofy, but it works.


  1. I think it looks great! Your rain barrels are quite cute :) You'll be able to use more of the rain in your garden, plants will love that!

  2. Sexy! They look alot better than my hodgepodge one's. I need to get a diverter for mine, because the first rainfall always smells like oil from the shingles. Do you have a metal roof? I hear those are the best... but alas I have the standard asphalt shingles.

  3. Oh, that is a fabulous rain barrel. Much more stylish than mine.

  4. One of my goals this year is to get a rain barrel. They are so awesome! I will definitely get a pump too, so I can spread the water in the garden more easily. Cool post!

  5. It's looking good to me. The gutters we have leading to the front rain barrel are even bulkier than yours. Your rain barrel is nicer looking than mine, too, but I'm thankful to have the 2 I do. They are probably full right now, due to all the rain we've been having.


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