Friday, November 12, 2010

Awesome Neighbors

Last week my neighbors came home from a vacation in Hawaii. They have a time share there and they go every year. Lucky!! While they were away, we looked after their house. Took out their garbage, looked after their mail, the neighborly thing to do. I was outside filling up the water bottles with rain barrel water for the garden when she came over.  (I hate it when my neighbors see me doing this, I get so embarrassed!  Click on the link above to see what I mean.)  It turns out that she was impressed with the rain barrel and said she wanted to buy one for her house.  ;)  Nice.  If I could spread the word about conserving water, that's awesome.    Then she handed me some presents she got us from Hawaii.  I was so surprised, and she really didn't have to!  First of all, the chocolate covered Macadamia nuts were so good.  I love Macadamia nuts.  She also gave us seeds from the Bird of Paradise plant.  How cool are these?
I didn't think we could grow these in our climate, but on the instructions, apparently, we can grow them in containers indoors.  I so cannot wait to try these!  I love Birds of Paradise, this is going to be such an exciting experiment.  Our neighbors R O C K!!
Also, I'm still seeking recommendations of where I can buy good fragrant bareroot rose bushes. If anyone has a good nursery recommendation, I would love to hear it.


  1. nice presents! Are they gone already? :)

  2. Your neighbors do rock! Good luck with the Bird of Paradise, hope it does well for you. :)

  3. I like neighbors helping out neighbors.

    Your rain barrel idea is a good one. Don't ever be embarrassed about it. I think most people would be impressed.

  4. I am sure that your neighbors were grateful that you kept an eye on things while they were away and such a nice thank you they gave you in return.
    I get all my bare root roses at: I think they ship to the States. The great thing about Pickering is that they have rare and antique roses, as well as an excellent selection of standard varieties (beware of hardiness with old varieties though!). Take a look at the catalogue online- I believe they rate each rose for scent.

  5. I have five rain barrels!! They are awesome! Instead of being embarassed, feel proud that you're helping save water and are reducing the amount of runoff that ends up in our rivers/bays. The world is a better place because of you!

  6. I'm sure they were super grateful that you looked after their house while they were away! Yah you! SCORE!!

  7. What a lovely surprise! I look forward to reading about your adventure in growing bird of paradise plant.

  8. I have painted a few in my day ; )

  9. Nice of them to bring you goodies!


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