Friday, November 19, 2010

Need a Turkey?

Do you need a turkey for Thanksgiving? Well apparently, they are running rampant in Staten Island. Check out this article in the Daily News.  What I found pretty funny was the title of the article.  "Turkeys terrorize residents as they roam neighborhood".  Terrorize?  Really?  I've seen wild turkeys before in upstate New York and if anything they run away from people.  However, maybe these Staten Island turkeys are bullies.  LOL.  I think it's pretty cool to have wild turkeys in the area, it's not common to see wildlife like this in these parts.  However some residents don't feel the same.  Many residents find them a nuisance.  In particular, there was one quote in the article that said,  "People think turkeys are a big joke. But when you have thousands of these filthy animals surrounding my house and pooping all over everything, it becomes a living nightmare."  I think it's pretty ironic that people call these animals "filthy" and yet they love to eat them with their mashed potatoes and gravy.  I hope the residents leave the turkeys alone.  Maybe I should round them up and bring to my yard.  Hahaha

Here is the video they had on the article.


  1. Ha! Terrorize? Nightmare? Geez, people. That is a hilarious post.

  2. Yikes! I always knew Staten Island was a scary place! LOL. That photo of the turkeys on the sidewalk really show how terrifying they are. :) Gotta love the Daily News!

  3. They could transport them down here to the South :)

  4. When I lived with my parents in suburban Boston after college we hand some run ins with wild turkeys. Their street is a small private way which ends with a wooded path and pond area that was given conservation status about 10 years ago. Once the area sprung back to life it became a haven for wild animals. Deer, a few foxes, vast quantities of birds and of course, wild turkeys. When it came time for the turkeys to nest they moved out of the conservation land and into the neighborhood. A pair settled in a great oak tree behind my house.
    The male was incredibly aggressive. He saw his own reflection in my dark blue car and would become agitated, pecking at his own reflection. This lasted for days and resulted in nearly 100 tiny scratches and peck marks along the bottom of my car. The turkeys did nothing when I sounded my cars alarm, and I nearly ran one over and it didn't even flinch.
    Crazy Animals indeed!

  5. Oh my, your post had me laughing and the video is hilarious! You have more turkeys surrounding you than I have seen here in the country! : )

  6. Thousands around your house? That's a NY stretch. I suppose the turkeys around here would be less intimidated by people than in the countryside where the human contact is less. But the ones I meet in Minnesota and Maine are pretty skittish.

    But it is interesting to see so many animals making their comeback. Not long ago conservationists were lamenting the disappearance of the turkey. Now they've joined deer, coyotes, and raccoons. Metroanimals.

  7. ha ha!! That's really funny. I wonder if average people try to corner them during this time of year for a free "free-range" turkey?

    We saw some on the grounds of the Biltmore in Asheville NC and it was really pretty. To see them on the streets, blech - kinda sad - and they look pretty thuggish too.


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