Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Kitty In the Jungle

I was watering the plants on the front enclosed porch, "the greenhouse" as Wendy called it, and Dante kitty followed me in there.  He was so mesmerized by all the plants that I moved indoors.  I bet he thought he was outside.  LOL.


  1. I like your cat's name. He is very handsome too.
    I love dogs, but I have to say that cats are way more observant.
    Have a great weekend!
    P. S. I love the shot of the turkeys out for a stroll.

  2. I hope he doesn't decide to use the earth in your pots as a litter box - that's what my Mum's cat does!

  3. Cute! He's just checkin out the greenery!

  4. What a beautiful cat! They tend to be very nosey and have to inspect everything. My one cat Miss Banana is the nosey one around here. She even inspected the new pipes in the basement when we put the powder room in!

  5. Dante is one gorgeous kitty (I can't let my girls see him or they will take over my laptop!)
    I love all the plants almost being in the house too ! A breath of fresh air from them is lovely!
    I have changed my blog name and things are crazy with the shake up (who knew how many details there are to this thing!)
    I'm now at
    Have a great Thanksgiving !

  6. ha ha - and if you keep collecting plants, you'll have to go from calling it the greenhouse to calling it the jungle! :)


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