Monday, November 15, 2010

Pay It Forward!

This is my 200th post! I can't believe I've already written 200 posts on this blog. I guess what I quickly learned about writing about our first garden is that when you write about something you're excited about and passionate about, it's easy to reach 200. So I decided for this post to PAY IT FORWARD. Throughout these 8 months of blogging, I've been reading all of your blogs too and have learned A LOT about not just gardening, but also about composting, canning, saving seeds and extending the harvest.   And many of you have been generous with not only your gardening advice and extensive knowledge of homesteading, but also so incredibly generous with sharing seeds! So I decided for my 200th post, I would like to give away some seeds in effort to pay it forward. Many of you sent me seeds without expecting anything in return. I think that is so amazing! Gardeners are so generous with their time, advice, and their seeds!

So here are the seeds I've been collecting that I would love to share. The infamous Habaneros, I have been collecting these every time I use a pepper.  Here's the disclaimer about these seeds, we received this plant from a friend, so I don't know if this is a hybrid.  But if you are willing to try an experiment and grow these seeds, I'd be happy to send you some, just email me your address by using the contact form here.
I also have saved some Long Island Cheese squash seeds.  The squash was from the family farm, so I can vouch for it's deliciousness, check it out here.  However, I don't know if the seeds will germinate into a Long Island Cheese squash, since these plants are planted next to other kinds squash.  Farmer father-in-law says that there's a chance they can cross pollinate so if you want to experiment with these seeds, let me know.
I also have some other seeds that I didn't collect but purchased that I have extras of.  If you would like some of these seeds, send me an email with the contact form above.  I have the following:
1. Chinese Mustard Greens
2. French Breakfast Radish
3. Blue Lake Pole Beans
4. Black Eyed Susan
5. Purple Coneflower
6. Mediterranean Oregano
7. Detroit Dark Red Beet

I wanted to say a special thank you for all of those who have sent me seeds!  I can't wait to grow these seeds in our garden this spring!
Thank you Our Engineered Garden!  I am a tomato novice, so I can't wait to try new varieties!
Thank you Bellas Rose Cottage!  I love poppies so I can't wait to try these!
Thank you Frugal Gardener!  I never tried white cucumbers before, so this one is going to be extra exciting!
Thank you Nyack Backyard.  I love climbing plants, so this cardinal vine is going to be fun!  Maybe I can get the hubs to build me a trellis especially for this vine!
Thank you Char's Gardening.  I haven't tried growing cauliflower or brussel sprouts before so this is going to be so awesome.  Love brussel sprouts!
Thank you Food Garden Kitchen!  I've been wanting to try Green Zebra tomatoes ever since I read about them.  I love green tomatoes so this is going to be a dream come true!

This has been a fun journey of gardening, blogging, and reading your blogs. I look forward to more gardening, more blogging and reading more of your blogs!


  1. You are very welcome! I usually do a seed inventory before I place my winter order, so I will check in with you then- I may have some more to share, too!

  2. Congratulations on all those great seeds you got. How exciting!

  3. Congratulations on 200 posts- you are well ahead of me- I haven't reached 100 yet! I think that gardeners tend to be generous and so it does not surprise me that they are willing to share seeds.
    I am sorry that the shipping from Pickering Nurseries(roses) is too expensive for you. I am sure that there must be local growers nearer you. I find David Austin roses to be very pretty, but a bit fussy. Mary Rose which is a nice pink is my favorite.

  4. I can't wait to see your garden next looks like it is going to be fabulous!! So much delicious food and lots of pretty flowers. Love reading your blog!

  5. Congrats on number 200. You made me look to see how many I posted. I never even kept track. My next post is 100. If you did not have your 200th anniversary, I would have missed my 100th.

    You must have many blogging friends to have sent so many wonderful seed packs. That really is a sharing and kind gesture. Hope all your seeds are fruitful. It is nice of you to pay it forward too.

  6. Woohoo! 200!!! You are a prolific blogger ;)

  7. Congrats on the 200th post! If you'd like some parsnip seeds, I have tons. I'd be happy to send them.

  8. Wow...that's a lot of posts since March! I will probably hit 100 within a few weeks.

    I have some seeds to share. I will forward an e-mail to you.

  9. Happy 200! That's so nice of you!

  10. Happy 200! That's an amazing output in just a short time. You should be proud. And I agree with you: Passion does the work. It's a wonderful thing; isn't it?

    (Please don't include me in the seed drawing, as I recently won a huge cache of seeds from another garden blogger's anniversary celebration. Someone else deserves the joy of a packet of seed-goodness in the mail.)

    Congratulations. :)


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