Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garage Renovation: Part 2

Here are more photos of the renovation of the old garage. My husband's dad, the farmer, is also a master carpenter. Before owning the family farm, he had his own carpentry business where he specialized in custom built furniture and cabinetry. So it was fantastic to have him visit to help guide us with the reconstruction of the mess we call a garage. Not to go into a long drawn out story but, we decided because of all the various zoning rules to keep the framing of the existing garage. Long story, short, we are considering this an "emergency renovation" project. The building was literally a hazard and so it had to be renovated. There was not a chance that the building would hold up to another New York winter! On the second day of working on the garage, after clearing out all the damaged wood holding up the walls, the father-in-law showed me how you could move the entire wall with just your hand.  Hello, scary!  So first up, he built a temporary wall to take the load off the existing wall.
Once the temporary wall was in place, then it was safe to replace the bottom boards and add new 2x4s to the wall to shore up the stability.  This was done to all 3 walls.
On the outside, the hubs and father-in-law attached new plywood to the outside of all the walls. 
Once the walls were solid again, the roof was completely removed.  There were gaping holes in the roof, so nothing was salvaged.
Then my father-in-law built all new trusses for the roof.
All the old trusses were removed and new ones were installed.
Here is a photo from the front. It's really starting to look so much better already!
Stay tuned for more photos!


  1. I hear you on the zoning stuff, we did the same thing - don't change the footprint LOL, (even though it's crap, right?) Sometimes (all the time) zoning laws just make me shake my head! It's looking good!

  2. You are lucky to have such a handy person in your family. It sure is looking much better and I bet you'll be glad to have a safe garage to use.

  3. that's awesome! How lucky to have such skilled family!I'd have all kinds of projects on my wish list!

  4. Massive project you guys took on, glad you have a master carpenter in the family to help you. :)


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