Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making Sandwiches with Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Last month I made oven roasted tomatoes for the first time.  They are yummy!  The flavor is so concentrated and so tasty.  Yesterday I heated up some of the tomatoes over a skillet just to warm them up and put them in a turkey and goat cheese sandwich.
I grilled the sandwich because I love the taste of melted goat cheese.  Ahh, the tomatoes make it taste like summer!
See what others are making at Greenish Thumb in the Garden to Table Challenge.


  1. mmm Roasted Tomatoes- never thought of them on a sandwich before, great idea.

  2. What a yummy looking sandwich! What kind of goat cheese did you use?

  3. I'm so hungry and that looks good!

  4. yum, that looks delicious! I would love that grilled sandwich. I'll need to try your roasted tomatoes next year for sure.


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