Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Last Jar of Sauce

For Thanksgiving, in addition to the cheese platter, I made a large vegetable platter.  Too bad we didn't have any vegetables from the garden. That would have been great to include.  I had some clear cellophane in the house, so I wrapped it like a package.  Surprisingly, there was still a lot of this platter left at the end of the evening.
I also made a big batch of spinach dip. I followed the recipe from the back of the Knorr vegetable dry soup packet.  If you never had it, go out to the supermarket and buy it immediately.  It is the best dip ever!!
When we left Albany to return home, the hub's Aunt made us take what was left of the cheese platter home.  Which was a lot of cheese!  What does one do with a lot of cheese?  Melted sandwiches to the rescue!  I opened our last jar of homemade tomato sauce today and I was so sad about it. I knew it wasn't going to last because I only got 5 quarts out of the batch I made. :(  Next year hopefully I can grow a lot more tomatoes so I can make enough sauce to last all winter.  So tasty!
I made the melted cheese sandwiches in the sandwich maker.  I've had this nifty sandwich grilling kitchen appliance for many many years.  It's similar in nature to a "George Foreman" griller, however this was before George Foreman had his.
I usually spray or butter the surface so the sandwich comes out without sticking. Then you put sliced bread, in this case, I used a hearty oat bread. Spoon in your toppings, I used a few spoonfuls of our homemade marinara sauce and then some slices of swiss cheese and mozzarella. Then 2 more slices of bread.
It comes out like a sealed grilled cheese.  I like how it gets sealed, so that no cheese or sauce drips out.  Almost like a homemade hot pocket.  What's so nice about these sandwiches is that it's versatile, you can put almost any type of filling, grilled veggies and cheese is also a good combination.
Here's the sandwich after I've taken a few bites from it.  Gooey goodness.
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  1. Hey that sandwich looks delish! I usually just add sliced tomatoes to the cheese and would never have thought to put sauce in there! What a great idea. Of course since I do have a Foreman, sauce would likely ooze onto the grill. I like that your grill has edges to seal your sammy. Thanks for the pics and the idea. And sorry you are on your last jar of sad.

  2. I've been making grilled sandwiches a lot, after discovering our grandson likes them. I'll have to try your variation. They look yummy! I think I use that word a lot here, but you make some awesome things. I'm sorry that was your last jar of sauce.

  3. Yummy looking food. That dip is really good!

  4. This post is making me hungry I will have to make a similar sandwich for lunch.

  5. yum, that sandwich looks so good! I do like tomatoes but not particularly sliced and in a sandwich. I like the idea of using sauce in your sandwich.


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