Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping the guys happy!

When we were renovating the garage, I did a lot of cooking. Mostly because I wanted to keep the guys well fed so that they had the energy to work outside all day. So when I saw this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe posted on Bo's Bowl, I knew I had to try it.  If you know my husband, he loves chocolate!  The recipe was incredibly easy, and I've never had luck with other chocolate chip cookie recipes before.  I am not a good baker, so my cookies always come out more like biscuits.  LOL. 
This recipe however, was absolutely PERFECT.  It made the most perfect cookies ever!  In my batch, I omitted the espresso powder because I don't have that in the house normally. 
I kept the cookies in this mini cake holder.  So cute.  The guys loved the cookies so much, that I ended up making 2 more of these batches before the 10 days were over.  Each batch made approximately 16 medium sized cookies.  16 cookies x 3 batches, you do the math.  Cookie monsters!  They deserved it though, they worked so hard!


  1. they look delicious!

    I've noticed my baking has been much improved since using those mats you have. I think it's a cookie-baking must.

  2. Glad the guys liked them...I actually made the same recipe this weekend except substituted white chocolate and cranberries.


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