Monday, November 22, 2010

Probably the Last Harvest

Yesterday, I picked a handful of snow peas. We had a big windy storm this past month and lost many of the plants which were destroyed in the storm, so we were lucky to get a handful of peas at all. Peas are easy to grow, so next year, I definitely want to plant a whole lot more. Check out Daphne Dandelions for what others are harvesting.

Here is the harvest totals for 2010. Since I don't have a scale yet, I counted each one.  (Hopefully the hubs will get me a scale for Christmas.) I kept track of the water collected from the rain barrels as well. Not bad considering we only got the barrels back in May.  Being that this was our first year gardening, I'm just impressed that we pulled anything edible out of the ground.  I can't wait until next year!

Harvested in Quantity
Radish Greens
1 bunch
4 bunch
Pole bean
Red Onions
3 small onions
Red Potato
9 small potato
White potato
3 small potato
Yukon Gold
Beet Greens
11 baby
Habanero Pepper
Bell Pepper
Snow Peas
Water – Rain Barrel
1,533 Gallons


  1. That's quite a bit of water you collected. With your new beds, you'll grow a lot more next year.

  2. Congratulations on your first year of veggie gardening!! Hopefully, your hubby or Santa will get you a scale for Christmas!!

  3. We have snow here on the gardens, but no peas :-).

    So glad you shared your harvest list. A very nice variety. The rain barrel number is very impressive...and persuasive. If only I lived in a house -- I'd definitely get one. (My balcony can't support the weight of full barrel.)

  4. Wow. Looks like you did a great job this season. Very impressive list.

  5. Great harvest!
    I'm envious on the rain barrel, will be trying my first next spring.
    The scale is definatley a pre-req - hint hint.
    You grow girl!

  6. 1,500 gallons of rainwater? That's alot! It's so much better for the garden, too....

  7. I would love to have a handful of snow peas fresh from the garden right now but unfortunately I didn't get around to planting any. And I wish I could collect rainwater, but it's so impractical around here, with an annual drought that lasts for months I couldn't have enough barrels sitting around to make a real difference.

  8. I think it's safe to say that both you and I had a kick-ass first year of veggie gardening! I'm incredibly crowd of every single veggie I harvested and I hope you are as proud of your hard work! Keep it up... I'm lookin forward to reading about your gardening skills develop along with mine!

  9. Isn't it exciting growing your own food? What a sense of accomplishment!

    I'm originally from upstate NY in the Hudson Valley, below Albany. I moved to VA with my wife in 1973. Eons ago. But, I'm in Zone 8a and love it!

    Read up on the different types of scales. I have four different scales accumulated by specific need, or so I thought. I have two that hang, and two that sit on a table. My brother gardens in PA and he just bought a digital scale that reads from 2 ounces to 200 pounds, for around $60. Now that might sound like a lot for a scale, but I wish I had that one. I spent more than twice that for all my scales. So, just check them out first.

    After you get a scale, you will find that you may want to keep track of both units (each) AND pounds. I don't count each leaf of a veggie like collard greens. After your peas produce heavily, you will count the pounds, but right now, pods are fine. I count blueberries, so I know where you are in this. You really need a unit of measure for comparison. You will want that information to ponder on during the winter months. It provides good info on what you may or may not want to plant again.

    Take Care,

    Veggie PAK

  10. Nice harvest and here's hoping for a whole lot more peas to come.

  11. That's wonderful Mimi. You got more beets than I did. mine just grew tops?

  12. Your garden career is officially launched and now that you have the expansion of the garden - you are set to really take off! Isnt' it amazing how much the rain barrels collect?! I love my barrels.

  13. Well your first year seemed to go well. I've found gardening to be a constant learning process. Every year I do things a bit differently. Though even after decades, I still can't grow a good onion. Maybe I can at the new house though. The soil is different. It just might work.

  14. I like the way you keep track of your number of each item harvested. I tried to keep track in pounds, but a lot of cherry tomatoes and peas didn't make it to the scale. I'm going to use your method next season.


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