Friday, November 12, 2010

This has got to stop!!

Hi, My name is Mimi and I'm addicted to saving plants. It's a good thing that I only have a few containers left and ran out of top soil for now. I was out in the garden a couple of days ago and saw this bell pepper plant. I don't even know why I insist on saving these plants when I don't even like green bell peppers. However, I saw little buds growing on this plant, and I just couldn't let the frost claim it.  So I had to dig it up and try to overwinter it.  It's weird, I planted all the pepper plants way back in early April and some of them never grew!  Half of the plants were frozen in time, they just did not get any bigger.  What gives?
I dug up the plant and put it into a container with the last of the top soil, and some composted manure and sphagnum peat moss.
I brought the plant inside and added it to my collection of plants on the enclosed front porch.  This is past the point of ridiculous.  LOL.  Oh and check out my clear plastic drip tray that I have under the plant.  Hahahaha  I looked for plastic drip trays in Lowes and they wanted to charge $1.50 for a drip tray!  $1.50!!!  That costs more than some terracotta pots!  Forget that.  My husband said I need to get creative and should find another way to catch the water run-off.
Then I spied the plastic cover on this chocolate cake my parents brought over on Monday.  I was like, oooh, I can re-use that plastic cover as a plastic drip tray!!  Score!  I love recycling and not spending a dime on something I need!


  1. I've found a lot of uses for fast food salad containers, I use them as seed starting pods, just poke a few holes in the bottom. Oh and butter tubs too!

  2. Love repurposing especially when it involves plants. It seems as the rescues do better than all the others.

  3. I hate to tell you....but the addiction may get worse :)

    I use chinese food containers for storing my seeds. I keep them separated by catagories..that makes it easier when your looking for something.

  4. Frost is nature's way of putting some organic material back into the soil. Let a few die, for those plants as yet ungerminated!

  5. LOL!! I use leftover black plastic chinese takeout dishes nonstop in my garden. They also make great dog food dishes! Peppers like really hot weather but good luck with trying to keep them alive.

  6. woo hoo to the repurposing! i always laugh sometimes at the prices of some garden items when you probably have a perfect substitute right at home for free.

    sorry to read about your peppers. sounds like they might have been stunted early in their growing season. i've had the same thing happen.

  7. I put my pepper plants out in May, maybe April is too cold for them?

  8. After seeing this I went out, dug up, and potted three pepper plants. Pepper plants look a lot smaller outside than they do inside.

  9. May the main reason would be that they are not getting proper manure from that place and they get useful manure form your pot.


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