Sunday, November 14, 2010

What we've been doing for the last 10 days!

My husband has been on vacation for the last 10 days. However, he hasn't had time to relax at all! It's a "working" vacation, he's been working on rebuilding our dilapidated garage with his dad.  When we moved into the house last year, the garage was definitely not the selling point.  It was in really bad shape.  In fact, when we had our house inspection, the inspector said that there was so much termite damage that the building should be knocked down.
Here is the side view, where you can see that siding is  literally falling off the walls.  And the roof is practically caving in.  I was scared to go inside the garage for fear that something would fall on me! 
Here is the inside view of the garage.  The previous owner of this house let the garage go into disrepair.  Check out the walls, he nailed every kind of piece of wood onto the walls just to plug the gaping holes in the walls.  It is such a mish mash mess!
Here is a closeup of the back side of the roof.  Don't you love our "skylight"?  LOL.  You see why I was afraid of this garage?
One of the first tasks was to remove the old siding.  This was actually pretty easy to do, I was able to pull the siding off with my hands, of course, I wore gloves though.  Nasty stuff.
More photos to come, stay tuned!


  1. Looks like a lot of hard work! Good luck on the remodel!!

  2. That looks good as it is. I'd have left it for the 'retro garage' look!

  3. Wow, that's a big project! Look forward to the updates, it will be so rewarding for you once it's done!

  4. Yep it definitely needs a makeover. :)

  5. No kidding, it might have been easier to start over.

  6. I'm so impressed with all the work you guys have done. How amazing!


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