Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What to do with harvested green bell peppers?

I've mentioned a bunch of times on this blog that I hate, hate green bell peppers. I just don't like the taste. I grew orange and red bell peppers in the garden but they were so slow to turn color, and I had to harvest them green. So how do I prepare peppers if I don't like green ones? I harvested some nice green bells, so I decided to cut them up in itty bitty pieces and hide it in a pizza.  I love pizza, and I figured if I used enough tomato sauce and cheese, I would barely taste the peppers.  It worked! 
In this pizza I used homemade tomato sauce that I made from family farm tomatoes.  I'm still growing basil in the front porch, so I added some to the pizza.  I also added ground beef and onions.  I browned the ground beef before adding it.
I also made another pizza that was pure glutton!  I didn't put any garden vegetables in this one.  This pizza is a white pizza, I used crumbled goat cheese, cooked bacon, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese.  Drizzle with seasoned olive oil before baking.  To season olive oil, add salt, pepper and italian seasonings.
This pizza is divine!  It's so unhealthy because of the bacon, but hey, I had to eat green peppers.  I think that balances out.  wink ;)


  1. I hate bell peppers and no amount of hiding will make me eat them. I hate the texture, I hate the flavor! Yuck.

    I'll take a piece of pizza without bells!

  2. I'm laughing because the different colors taste pretty much the same! So you don't like green? LOL, well you did a great job with them, looks yummy!

  3. Ha that is funny!I don't like bell peppers of any kind! My kids like them thankfully! But have you ever used any recipes from the 'Deceptively Delicious' book? I have made the lasagna lots of times and I mess with the recipe every time. I will steam and PUREE up pepper, usually red, and put them in the sauce! Works great!

  4. I hate bell peppers too. The only thing I can tolerate them in is salsa, but not big chunks. K loves them in salads and on pizza, so what I grow gets used up that way. Your pizza looks wonderful.

  5. Green bells on pizza? How could they NOT taste good? I swear you could put anything on pizza (okra, carrots, old shoes...) and it would taste good! LOL

    Another good way to use up green peppers is to pickle them (hot, dill, bread'n'butter, etc.)

    Once I saved a jalapeno plant for 4 years running and it was always the first to produce in spring. Talk about great salsa...

  6. Okay your latest posts are making me very hungry! ;)

  7. I like green peppers and this looks incredibly good.

  8. Hi Mimi,
    I just got caught up on your posts. You sure are a creative cook (and gardener)!

    I used to make all of our bread, but got out of the habit. I've been in the mood to make some again. I bought some whole wheat flour the other day, but forgot to pick up some yeast. I probably have some that is past the expiration date.


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