Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A delicious brunch!

My friend from Miami was in town this past weekend and to celebrate, we all got together at my friend Amy's apartment in Harlem for brunch. She made an assortment of delicious food.  Almond brioche french toast, an egg "flan" / frittata, garden salad and a fruit salad.  I made potato pancakes and brought over a jar of homemade concord grape jelly.  Everyone was impressed that a city girl like me made jelly.   They still are in shock that I've started gardening and talk about potentially raising chickens.  "Who is this girl, they ask, and what have they done to Mimi?" Hahaha.  We drank mimosas, laughed and had lots of girl talk.  I love Sundays like this!!  Good friends and good food!


  1. The food looks devine! I can only imagine that the company was 100x that! What a great time!!

  2. Glad you got to visit and enjoy a good meal with your friends.

  3. That looks more like Thanksgiving than a simple bruch...It's alot of food!

  4. What a feast indeed! Yum ;)

  5. That looks like a delicious feast! I am also thinking of someday smuggling chickens into my suburban backyard. I have always wanted to have my own chickens!


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