Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fall Surprise!

I bought 3 hybrid tea roses in Walmart this past spring and so far they are doing great.  Two of the rose bushes bloomed this summer, and were plagued with aphids.  Since the aphids did a number on the roses, they bloomed with petals half eaten.  I was out raking leaves today and saw that one of the roses were blooming!  What a nice surprise!  This one already bloomed this summer, and could not believe that it was blooming again.  This time, no aphids, sweet!
So, I bought this rose bush for $6, and so far, it's been worth the price.  It bloomed twice and it is very healthy.   We were on a budget this year since we had so much new garden costs, and so a $6 rose bush sounded like such a great bargain.   However, this rose has no fragrance, despite being pretty.   Hmm, one the reasons I love roses is because of the scent!  I decided for this upcoming year, I want to expand my rose garden and get some nicer quality roses, some with more fragrance.  To all those rose gardeners out there, do you have a recommendation for a fragrant rose, and where do you recommend I buy it? 


  1. Hello! Have you tried ordering from I haven't bought roses from them yet, but all of the rest (veggies and a few common flowers) I go from them. She only sells heirloom I think and the quality is amazing. I'm enjoying reading your blog..

  2. Little surprises like this make gardening so enjoyable. I'm constantly impressed with the resiliency of plants.

  3. Wait until the spring when the roses are blooming to make your purchase. Go visit your favorite nursery and smell the roses to find one you fall in love with. Roses have such different aroma's. It's a fun field trip!

  4. Don't you love a good garden surprise:-))) Lovely!! Check out the garden center in summer or maybe a park with a rose garden is a fun day! I love the David Austin English Roses, they smell incredible, check them out!


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