Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Raking So Many Leaves

You see all these trees? That sits on the left of our property. We are "fortunate" to have city owned woods right next to our backyard. It's great, because we feel like we live in the "country" if we look that way. :)
More of the patch of forest owned by the City of New York. 
These are the large trees ON our property.  We have 3 huge trees in our backyard.  Our neighbor next door has one large maple tree in her yard.  And ALL of these trees including the ones in the woods drop the leaves all over OUR yard.
And these are all the leaves that blanket our property.  I've been raking leaves for what feels like weeks!
I'm happy that we have lots of leaves for the compost, but at the same time I hate raking.  LOL.  So even though I am happy about the leaves, I still hate raking.
And raking.  And raking.  I have to keep saying to myself, this will be great for our composters.
We bought brown bags to keep the excess leaves in.
And I filled our new pallet bin we made.  I alternated leaves with composted soil and spent plants from the garden.  Here you see a Roma tomato plant.
6 full bags!  I'm excited to be using my bags of leaves throughout the growing season so that I can use them in the compost.  My husband doesn't love the idea that I want to keep bags of leaves for composting.  He wants to put the leaves in the woods.  I promised him that I won't collect 100 bags of them like EG!  Although I would love to.  :)


  1. The woods by your house are gorgeous, really beautiful trees! All the woods up here are pine, I would take a pretty decidious tree over a pine anyday:-)) Leaves are like gold, my husband always wants to cut corners and just load them up to the yardwaste (our area has yard waste containers the garbage co picks up... it's turned to compost and sold from there... cool deal) but I just want the in the garden free :-))
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful photos! Lots of leaves for that compost!

  3. That is the best of both worlds you have! NYC and woods! Gather those leaves as you can, I say. I've got bags stacked up too. And I went around begging them off friends too. That stuff is valuable. Even so, I still have more raking to do. I think maybe I'm stalling for a snowfall to cover the last of them up... Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

  4. I hate to rake too, LOL that's what led to the professional grade lawn mower with the vacuum system that we have....

    Our yard is huge (approx 4 acres in the yard. The other 20+ is woods and pasture). With much grass and many trees, flower beds, etc. it was taking hubby an entire day just to mow and weed eat the yard.

    I saw an ad for a vacuum system and told hubby I was going to go look at it. He said "do you mind if I stop by and look at it". I told the salesman not to be surprised when he saw a chevy truck with a 20 ft. trailer sliding sideways into their driveway...

    When he got there I had already picked out a zero turn with the front mounted deck, the high powered motor and a vacuum system with the biggest hopper. Yes, it cost more than my nissan sentra had when I bought it, but it was worth every red cent.

  5. there is nothing quite as rewarding as compost!! save those leaves!!


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