Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Presents for Gardeners: Part 1

Remember all those boxes that came in the mail?   Well, the hubs did good. On Christmas day, I opened my presents and one of them was this lovely gift. I've been dreaming about owning a dehydrator ever since we started the garden.  So this is one gift that this gardener really cannot wait to use.  I'm just crossing my fingers that this is a good dehydrator.  I read on Subsistence Pattern's blog, about his problems with their Nesco, so I am a bit nervous.  Hopefully this one doesn't break down like his did. 
This is the version we have. Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator.  I asked my husband for this one because it comes with 5 trays, and was more affordable than the Excalibur brand.  It also received 4 1/2 stars rating on customer reviews on Amazon.  I can't wait until the summer harvests so I can try dehydrating tomatoes, zucchini, and onions! Once I use it, I'll provide a full review on the product.
What cool gifts did you get for Christmas?


  1. I got new tires for my car! Practical and expensive but didn't fit under the tree. (OK and pjs and perfume too) The dehydrator looks pretty cool though... the humidity is so low here that we can get away without it, but I can see it getting great use in NYC!

  2. You will love having your dehydrator! We use ours for all kinds of things including my hubbys venison jerky, making spices out of our pepper and even making homemade potpourri!!

    Hubby got a food saver from my parents; we can't wait to use that!! We'll be able to save so much more that we currently haven't been able to because I don't have a pressure canner.

  3. Good luck with it. I know you'll put it to good use.

  4. You'll have such fun this summer! I love my dehydrator.

  5. Dehydrating food is really rewarding. You get great tasting food that doesn't spoil readily. So far, I do apple slices and beef jerky. Both turn out very good!

  6. great gift!!! You have every reason to make the garden bigger and bigger now!

  7. Please keep us updated on the dehydrator. I've been hemming and hawing about getting one for ages. Hearing your thoughts on it may help me finally make up my mind. Happy New Year!


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