Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Will Not be Missed!

Today we said farewell to our old fridge, two guys from Con Edison came and carted it away in their big box truck. They were faster than I could get my camera, so I didn't have time to take photos of them carting the fridge, but here you can see them loading it into their truck.  You're probably wondering, why did our electric company pick up our refrigerator? Well, it's part of their recycling program. In our electric bill, we received a flyer about a recycling rebate program hosted by Con Edison that offers their customers a $30 check and free pickup of any old working refrigerator. This is part of their push for customers to replace old equipment with high-efficiency energy saving appliances.  In essence, the $30 is part of an incentive for customers to go green.  They will also pick up any old air conditioner units as well for $35 and $100.  We don't need an incentive to buy greener appliances, we strive to save energy and the environment, but getting paid to do so, it's definitely a nice bonus!  Before you buy or discard your next appliance, check to see if your municipality or energy company provided rebates.


  1. So good riddance and saving money. You win.

  2. Enjoy your new refrigerator! We got energy star appliances when we remodeled our kitchen in March. We thought there would be a rebate of some kind, but it was done later in the spring, and had to be current purchases. We got a side by side refrigerator/freezer. I guess I've been putting too much in it, because Larry noticed the door is not closing properly. It must be sprung. We'll have to see about fixing it.


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