Friday, December 24, 2010

Someone really loves the Christmas Tree

Little Sebastian Kitty just can't get enough of the Christmas tree.  He sits there for hours, takes naps under there, he just loves it!  I find it amazing that he doesn't claw at the tree, or try to knock down the ornaments.  What a good kitty!
I'm going to be so sad when Christmas is over and we have to remove the tree.  Sebastian is going to be so mad when the tree is gone.  Shhhh, don't tell him.


  1. My kitties love sleeping and hanging out under the tree too. They don't bother it at all.

    Sebastian is a cutie!

  2. It is a very fine tree and Sebastian is one lucky cat. Merry Christmas.:)

  3. So, he was hanging out even before the gifts were put there.

  4. So what did you decide to do with it?

  5. My cat is also names Sebastian and loves being under the tree and drinking the water from it. This year we had to get a smaller tree and put it up on a table because he sprayed the tree last year. He's getting quite old and is misbehaving.


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