Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New!

When we moved into this house last November, there was one appliance that was the bane to my existence.  The fridge was this wreck, that was probably at least 15 years old.  Definitely NOT energy efficient and the motor roared like the little engine that could, you could almost hear it say, "I Think I Can, I Think I Can".  During this summer's 100F+ heat waves, we prayed that the fridge would make it through and not break down, it was definitely on it's last legs.   What I hated most about the fridge was that the doors were missing all it's shelves.  On the refrigerator door, we had to use string to hold our condiments in.  This was less than ideal, because you had to be careful with not swinging the door too much or salad dressing would go flying!
The freezer door was even worse!  Again a missing shelf!  I wonder what the previous owners did to this fridge, where all the shelves on the doors were missing.  It is indeed strange!  In our household, I consider ourselves very.... frugal.  It's a way of life for us, because we hate to spend more money than we have to.  That however, does not mean we don't strive to live well.  When we knew we had to buy a new refrigerator, we could have bought a new one right away, but we decided to wait until the day after Thanksgiving the following year, because we knew that appliances would be discounted so much that it would be affordable for us.  So that meant we had to live with shelveless fridge doors for an ENTIRE year. Everyday I cursed that fridge and said a little prayer that it wouldn't completely break down.
On Black Friday, our main goal was to buy our new fridge.  The deals did not disappoint!  We found the perfect fridge for $700 off the list price!  An amazing deal!  It was worth the year's wait.  The best part is that it's energy star rated and energy efficient which will save us money on energy costs.  Love, love, love that!  However, we quickly learned, nothing is ever that easy.  When the delivery of the fridge came, the delivery guys broke the news that the fridge would not fit through the front door!  It could fit through the back door if we took off the doors and the trim.  (sigh)  We had the delivery guys move the fridge into our garage...
The hubs spent the following day removing the screen door, the two back doors, and all the trim!    You can see the screen door on the right of this photo.  He also had to remove all the doors off the refrigerator. We used a dolly to move the fridge from the garage to the stairs and then he and I had to lift the fridge up the porch stairs.  We bought the forearm forklifts to lift the fridge.  It helped a lot, but it was still SO heavy!  There were a few times I thought this fridge would topple down the stairs!
We finally got the fridge into our kitchen, it cleared the back door with 1/4 of an inch to spare.  A very tight fit!
This is the inside the left door of the fridge.  This is the part of the fridge that won my husband over.  When he saw this door, he said, "I'll take it!" :)  With the amount of work it took us to get the refrigerator into our kitchen, he deserves this!


  1. I had to laugh when I read this. I too had an old fridge when I purchased this home. Shelves were missing (we used string too), it was loud, and always seemed too small.

    We finally purchased a new fridge this past summer. One unexpected thing we noticed is fresh veggies last much longer in the new fridge.

    I am sure you will be happy with your new fridge,

  2. You will enjoy that fridge a lot after that ordeal. It looks like a nice one - hope it gives you many years of service!

  3. What a beautiful new fridge! Love the beer holders on the door. I completely understand the whole "Use it till it's completely dead" attitude, I'm the same. My husband sometimes begs me to allow him to buy me new stuff. Most of the time my answer is "I don't need it.....yet."

    I'm especially that way when it comes to fridges. We've gone through two in 30 years of marriage. We had just bought a brand new one with crushed ice and water in the door when we moved here, and had to leave it behind with our old house.

    What a hassle that it wouldn't fit through the door. Been there too.

  4. It's a fine fridge and should last you a long, long time. I love the beer dispenser.:)

  5. ha!!! I love the little bottle holder - so inviting!

    I can't believe you had to take the house apart to get it in! Yes, it's much more attractive than the rigged string shelves - ha ha!

    My fridge is still original to the house. There's no light. You would NOT believe how incredibly annoying a fridge is when it does not have a light. I keep hoping it will die so we can get a new one, but at the same time, I can't believe they're soooooo freaking expensive.

    Congrats on your new beauty - and great deal!

  6. Oh, I'd so like to have a double door refrigerator with bottom freezer! Mine is the split freezer/refrigerator, and the shelves are so narrow. I do love my ice and water in the door, but Mr. Granny would love the beer cooler yours has ;-)

  7. What is that? A drink dispenser?

  8. A great post. I'm all about waiting these days too for a great deal!!! And you got a great one.
    And it's always funny that when you go to upgrade something in our houses you always end up doing more chores then expected-ugh on that. But this is so worth it!! Congrats on your Energy-saver.
    I wanted stainless front but Husband went with tradional WHITE, of course, more cleaning on my part :) Happy Holidays......

  9. That is such a sexy fridge! <--- Jealous!

  10. We have the same fridge! (I think ours might be a year older tho)


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