Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Superhero niece

For Christmas, my 4 year old niece asked for only one thing from Santa. She wanted superhero underoos. My sister said that she's been obsessed with Superheros and villains. She can name every single Superhero from the Marvel comics franchise and their powers.  When I looked for Superhero presents for her, I quickly realized that they don't make them for little girls, it's geared more towards little boys. It's interesting to me that even at a young age, society (toy industry, fashion trends, retailers) dictates what girls and boys should like and play with.  Why don't we just let the kids choose?  So all of her presents from us were from the boys section. This didn't matter to her, she loved every single one of them.
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  1. Yes! Good for you, for deciding to just go ahead and get her stuff from the boy's section, and not feeling the need to pressure her to conform! This gender identification stuff starts in infancy, as soon as they're born (pink = girl, blue = boy). How many baby girls clothes are there with trucks and dinosaurs on them?

    In truth, I think very few of us truly conform 100% to society's model. In some ways I can be girly, but I like power tools and building stuff.

    Hoping your niece grows up to be a woman with power tools!

  2. awesome! I can't believe they still make underoos.

  3. Isn't it fun to see what they like? Our grandson is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. It started out he loved trains, but now it's mostly Thomas. The kid wants a Thomas cake for his third birthday in a few days. I guess I won't be making the gluten free egg free cake I had planned.

  4. LOL...glad she liked her presents.


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