Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Striped Christmas Present

There's a cat in this photo. Do you see him?
No?  How about now?
Still no?  Okay, here's a photo closer.  See him now?
Really, no again?  Okay, here he is!
How about from another angle?  Little Sebastian Kitty is the funniest cat ever.  He spends hours hanging out under the tree.  Even behind all these presents.  He loves it.  The only reason I know he's behind there because sometimes I hear him rustling.  Funny kitty!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!


  1. Nice of Little Sebastian to share HIS tree with you. Merry Christmas... again!

  2. Little Sebastian Kitty is very cute. Smart, too. He know where to find the good things -- under the tree.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. A beautiful and polite cat - not pulling off the ornaments. Our cats had to share with our visiting son's dog - which mostly went well.

  4. I meant to tell you that one of my presents was a garden guide to NYC - with a big chapter on Staten Island public gardens. That is where I'm heading on my next trip down - or at least my next trip when gardens will be green.

  5. Meems, you're going to have to buy that kitty a living tree! He's going to go into depression when you take this one down. What a cutie, I just want to hug him!

  6. He does look all cozy back under there. I hope you had a really nice Christmas!

  7. I made the photos larger, and saw a speck that looked different in the second photo. It was your Sebastian, but I never would have guessed a kitty was what the speck was. What a sweet cat! He'll have to find a new spot when the tree comes down.

  8. I bet you cannot wait to start some seeds, Im not waiting, Im going to start as soon as I put the tree out in the backyard. I will let the animals and birds hang out in it then cut all the branches back to about a foot long, add colored glass bottles and make it into a bottle tree! Wanna try it and make one with me?

  9. He looks adorable and I'm surprised he hasn't taken down any of your decorations. Have you ever seen Simon's Cat Channel on Youtube.

    I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and that you're not snowed in just now!

  10. I love kitties under the Christmas tree. We have 3 cats, all want the water but 1 loves sleeping under it. Thankfully none of them like to play in it!


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