Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sums It Up

This pretty much sums up the garden season we had.  We had so much to accomplish in our first year of gardening, breaking in our "virgin" grassy lawn to make space for our ever expanding garden.  I literally wore these rain boots to it's demise.  These were my muck boots that I wore everyday to garden and it really did it's job.  When it rained, no problem, mud, no problem.  I still wore them this week, despite having a big gash in the right boot.  The left boot also had a gaping hole.  However, as I was raking the leaves the other day, I stepped in dog poop and immediately took off the boots and chucked them into the trash.  Normally I would just take a garden hose to the boots, but these are beyond saving, so why bother?  And there is a hole in the shoe so I don't want poop on my foot.  Ewwwww and ewww.  I guess I'll have to add garden boots to my holiday wish list.  Boy, the list is growing! hahahaha :)  Oh, and speaking of dog poop, I don't know how in the world we got dog poop in our backyard.  We don't even own a dog!


  1. Yes, you definitely deserve a new pair of girlie boots! Stepping in dog poop that isn't from YOUR OWN dog is the worst LOL!

  2. You know, if the universe would send me signs like dog poop on a ragged shoe every time I needed to stop hoarding old junk, I'd be much better at minimalism. Maybe you're just lucky! ;)

  3. You killed them. LOL...but at least you got good use out of them.

  4. Oh my gosh, nice boots....and I though I thought I was bad about getting rid of hole ridden clothes.:)

  5. yay - an excuse to get some new boots!


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