Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ordering Christmas Gifts

This year, for the first time ever, I'm ahead of the game with holiday shopping. I'm usually the one who is frantic on Christmas Eve trying to finish my shopping list.  This year, for many of the presents I decided to order online, because I couldn't pass up the good deals. Free shipping, sales you name it. I'm a sucker for free shipping. It always gets me to pull the trigger with purchasing online because it saves me a trip to the store. One present I ordered from Amazon.com was the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Everyone tells me this is the "bible" when it comes to canning. I learned how to can from my in-laws this fall. I was surprised to find out that they didn't own one canning cookbook! So I purchased this one for them.  I should have bought two of them, so I could keep one for myself.  Haha!  I'll have to put it on my wish list. 
Amazon offers free shipping for orders over $25.  So I ordered this cookbook, The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook : 250 No-Fail Recipes from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker for my sister-in-law along with this Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer.  I have this rice cooker at home and it is awesome!  Cooks perfect rice every time.  And you can use it like a steamer which I use to steam veggies and dumplings.  What is so fantastic is that Amazon's shipping is so fast!  It took only 4 days for everything to be delivered!
I hope they don't read this blog, because now they'll know what we got them for Christmas.  ;)


  1. ha! I was thinking the same thing! I hope they don't read your blog ;)

    I have that Ball book and LOVE IT!

  2. We love Amazon here too! I love ordering online, I just bought a bunch of stuff for my mom.

    Actually, one reason we love Amazon here, is because when they hired my husband two years ago, they paid to move us out here to Washington from Massachusetts! He doesn't work there now, but they are still a great company.

  3. Hi Meems,
    We get stuff off of Amazon sometimes, too. I have some books on canning, but they may be outdated. I used to can a lot, but got away from it. I want to start again one of these summers. I have been doing some freezing, though. In fact, I used some onions, peppers, and pistou from the freezer for supper tonight.

    Hey, I'm watching Biggest Looser, and one of the guys is from Staten Island. Did you know that? I got to see a little of your island.

  4. Shopping online is like a double Christmas!!! It's exciting to receive the packages and to give them away!!!

    I have a couple customers on Staten Island! Do you kno the guys at Double D Accounting?

  5. Amazon is the bomb, I've been ordering from them online since the 90's. :) Great gift choices, you have lucky friends & family.

  6. Yeah, I do like the "Ball" or here in Canada the "Bernardin" Canning Book...that is what we started with last year and it has lots of great, easy, delicious recipes.
    I hope you win the one on our first ever Give Away! It closes this Sunday Dec 12th so I'll be posting the winner on Monday.

  7. I also have that ball book.

    Oh - make sure you go through ebates.com for your online shopping. You automatically get money back sent to your house quarterly. I just got a check fo $17. yay!


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