Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Impromptu Pasta Salad

I finally used the last of that leftover cheese platter. The hard part about bringing a large cheese platter to a family get together is that they made us bring it home.  Hahaha. I thought more of the platter would have been eaten at Thanksgiving but we had a lot left over.  I love cheese, but having 4 different cheeses in our refrigerator is a bit much, even for us.  Plus, I wanted to use up the cheese before they spoiled.  So the other day I threw together a pasta salad with broccoli, sauteed onions, garlic, and these cheeses from the platter, herb goat cheese, swiss, smoked gouda.  Mix with olive oil, salt and pepper.  It was delicious!


  1. Yum sounds good! We have the opposite problem over here; seems I can never keep enough cheese in the fridge.

  2. When I have an abundance of cheese, I freeze it. That way I can take advantage of both sales AND generous gifts. Your pasta looks luscious! :-D

  3. Sounds yummy. Good use of the cheese. I like Kris' idea about freezing cheese. I've never tried it before.

    This past Thanksgiving I took everything down to my Mom's. Turns out she bought everything as did I. So I had a ton of broccoli left over. I just did a bowtie pasta alfredo with bacon and broccoli last night. It was yummy too. pasta is a great way to use leftovers.

  4. Sounds like a yummy pasta dish, and great way to use up the leftover cheeses. :)

  5. You don't have to worry about cheese ruining at our house!

  6. Wish I could eat cheese!!! EEEEEKKKK! Looks SO good!



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